Cambodia – Phnom Penh

Cambodia - Phnom Penh

General information

Animal-Mama is a passion project that aims to provide unique, holistic, healthy, affordable and personalized pet services to animal lovers in Cambodia.

As Veterinary Hospital & Animal Welfare Center it offer medical veterinary services, pet boarding, animal daycare, socialization, hydrotherapy, doggy pool & homemade holistic food and treats.

Founded by the animal lover, long-time animal welfare activist and a businesswoman, Yulia Khouri, the proceeds from this project fund the on-going rescue/adoptions/health services for the street animals as well as the country-wide education about animal welfare to public.

Because Animals are People too...


One of the specialities of this clinic is the opportunity fo pet-owners to bring their cats and dogs for a spay or neuter-operation.

Here are the reasons in their own words, why vets and vetstudents are very welcome at this clinic:

We believe we can make a concrete positive impact in Cambodia and show the world that this beautiful country is more than just a country on the map.

We are sure that students and veterinarians who are enthusiastic about the making a difference, will love the country, its people, its culture, its history and will not only gain the knowledge through this internship, but also make the impact and create better conditions for both, animals and people.

❏  We offer a curriculum where students and veterinarians can not only help us, but also build their own veterinary capacity and growth. Out team will try to make it the best experience of their veterinary life.
❏  We aim to continue finding friends anywhere in the world and what better way than to see students or veterinarians passing through our facilities and enjoy this experience together.
❏  We aim to build the capacity of local veterinary students and as a part of this internship, the international interns will work alongside 2 intern local students, exchange the knowledge and build capacity of overall veterinary skills in the country.

After my first visit to Animal Mama, I was blown away by all the amazing animal projects they are involved with. They take in sick and injured animals when no one else will and do everything they can to give them a chance. The compassion and kindness they show the animals is awesome and the level of professionalism and customer service is amazing. They are much more than a Veterinary Hospital and work to help the community with regular events and initiatives like the free vaccination and spay days. Stray and abandoned animals are given the best of care, with all the costs being covered by Animal Mama. It is rare to meet people like Yulia and Darren and we are so grateful our paths have crossed.

Lee Fox-Smith, Customer


1) Student of Veterinary Medicine (University certificate).
2) Veterinarians (Official Veterinary Certificate).
3) Intermediate level English.
4) Love, care and respect for animals.
5) Internship booking minimum 15 days.

1) Health Insurance.
2) Rabies Vaccine (Important for work with street animals).

Vets and vet-students will get a full package

- Total package is 400 dollar per week per person.


Visa and health:

  • A visa is necessary, but the conditions are different for many countries. Please get your individual information by your own.
  • A vaccination for rabies is necessary for working in this clinic. More info for Dutch volunteers: click here